Authenticate worldwide documents

Supporting your use of our document authentication solution

Training & Consultancy

We provide a range of training and consultancy services to support and enhance your identity authentication needs.


Additional help when authenticating documents


If you are unsure of the validity of a scanned document or have other questions about document checking please contact us.


One-off event support and retrospective identity checking services

Additional Services

From single event document processing to retrospective batch scanning, we can provide a range of additional services.



Solutions for NHS Trusts and clinics where identity of new patients and employees is under scrutiny.

Local Government

Combating identity crime must begin with those in government; our solution is easy to use and quick to implement.

Hotels and Leisure

Improve your security by authenticating the identity of your staff and your guests.



Confirming the identity of lecturers, staff and students to protect budgets, reputation and improve security.

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Our email alerts update you in the latest identity fraud issues as soon as they arise, helping you keep up with the latest news.


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We drastically improved the level of identification checks that the trust is able to perform and this has played a critical role in improving patient safety.

Peter Absalom, Associate Director, Workforce Resourcing